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Does the Printer Choose Ink or Toner?

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Ink and toner are the lifeblood of the printer. The cost, the content to be printed and the quantity to be printed are the factors that determine which printer to purchase. Toner cartridge powder is a copy consumable product for multi-function copiers and laser printers, and a printer ink cartridge is a printing consumable product for inkjet printers. In terms of the composition of the ink cartridge, the ink cartridge can be divided into a split ink cartridge and an integrated ink cartridge.


When the printer receives a print job, it will charge the charging roller in the toner cartridge. After the charging roller shaft is in contact with the photosensitive drum, the surface of the photosensitive drum will be uniformly negatively charged.


There is a laser transmitter in the laser printer. After the laser transmitter receives the printing task, it will irradiate the photosensitive drum with a laser. The charge on the photosensitive drum irradiated by the laser will be led away to form a positively charged latent image of the printed content. The developing roller is magnetic to absorb the toner in the toner silo, and the doctor blade spreads the cartridge toner powder on the developing roller into a thin layer.


With the rotation of the developing roller and photosensitive drum, the negatively charged toner will be uniformly adsorbed on the positively charged part of the photosensitive drum. In the toner cartridge, the transfer roller has a positive charge. When the paper runs on the transfer roller, it will have a strong positive charge, which can adsorb the negatively charged toner on the photosensitive drum to form a real image.


The printing medium used in laser printers is toner. Toner is a solid powder, generally stored in a toner cartridge. The printing medium used by inkjet printers is ink (cartridge), because it is liquid, it is generally stored in an ink cartridge. Laser printers rely on lasers for imaging, and inkjet printers rely on ink for imaging, and the imaging principles are also different. Therefore, toner and ink are suitable for different types of printers.


Ink Costs Associated with the Printer


If you buy black ink cartridges of different brands and sizes each year, the annual cost will be between $60 and $120. The price of color ink cartridges is higher, and the annual cost is between US$75 and US$150. When you consider that the cost of a printer is between US$50 and US$600, the amount spent on ink and toner is usually more expensive than the initial cost of the printer, especially for cheaper models.


83-2-compatible ink cartridges

The Impact of Ink on Cost Per Page


The average cost per page for cheap printers using black ink is lower than the average cost per page for color. However, more expensive printers usually cost less per page. It all depends on the quantity you print.


Economic Choice


The frequency and quantity of printing will also affect your choice of printer. If you print a lot, a high-quality and expensive HP printer will be more economical. Instead, you can consider low-quality and cheaper printers. Determine the type of printer to make full use of ink or toner.

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