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Does the Copier Have the Function of a Printer?

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The copier can copy documents, pictures and other types of manuscripts. The copier has the characteristics of high efficiency and simple operation. Compared with the traditional printing mode, the electrostatic copier can directly copy the original. Therefore, the copier is widely used in the office, home and so on. 



Common Functions of Copier


Copying is the core function of the digital copier, and it is also the most widely used function. At present, the copier can basically replace the traditional way of printing. As an important office equipment, the performance of the copier far exceeds the traditional way of copying. At present, the copier can not only store some data, but also has a variety of copying functions. For example, zoom copy, poster copy, business card copy, combination copy, etc. These functions can help users copy documents more easily.



Although printing is not the main function of the multifunctional copier, the copier can be used as a printer. The printing speed, printing quality, paper processing capacity and printing function of the photo copier are completely consistent with those of the printer. In addition, the printing cost of the copier is even lower than that of the printer. At present, some advanced printers have security printing, storage printing, network printing and other technologies, and high performance copiers also have these technologies. It should be noted that the price of the copier is often higher than that of the printer, and it may need more original ink cartridges and genuine toner cartridges when it works. Therefore, if you don't have an adequate budget and only need to print documents instead of copying them, it's recommended to buy a printer.


39-2-415a toner cartridge


At present, most integrated copiers are equipped with scanning function. Compared with the scanner, the copier is mainly used to scan documents, so its resolution and color depth are slightly worse than professional scanners. But the scanning speed and batch scanning ability of the document copier is better than that of the scanner. After scanning documents with the copier, these documents can be converted into digital form and stored in the computer. This makes it easy for people to classify and retrieve documents. At present, many enterprises in the world begin to use this method to save files. In addition, because the documents are stored in the computer, people can use the network to share these documents, which greatly improves the office efficiency.



Nowadays, people can hardly live without the Internet. Whether it is shopping, leisure or office, people need to use the Internet. Therefore, the image copier can often be connected to the network, integrated with the information system and office system, and become an important part of enterprise informationization. Today's copiers are often equipped with liquid crystal display, touch screen and other parts, which makes it more convenient for people to use the copier. At the same time, these parts also make the copier become an intelligent and independent information processing terminal. Because the copier has so many functions, it can be used as a printer. 

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