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Do You Know What Consumables the Printer Needs?

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If you want the printer to work properly, then the printer consumables are essential. Printer consumables can be divided into genuine  consumables, generic consumables and compatible consumables. In general, the quality of genuine consumables is the best, but their prices are also the most expensive, such as genuine toner cartridge, genuine ink cartridge, etc. The price of generic consumables and compatible consumables is lower, and the quality is not bad, such as remanufactured toner cartridge, compatible ink cartridge and so on. Therefore, many people tend to choose generic consumables and compatible consumables. 



Consumables for Different Printers

Stylus Printer

The main consumable of stylus printer is ribbon. Ribbons are mainly divided into wide ribbons and narrow ribbons. Some ribbons can be replaced separately, while others must be replaced together with the ribbon holder. Users can replace different color ribbons according to their own needs. 


Laser Printer

The main consumables of laser printer are toner and premium toner cartridge. The toner and toner cartridge in some laser printers can be separated. After the toner is used up, the toner can be directly added to the toner cartridge until the toner cartridge is aged and cannot be used any more. Some toner and toner cartridge can't be separated. After toner is used up, toner cartridge also needs to be replaced. This leads to the waste of high quality toner cartridges and increases the cost of printers.


44-3-26a toner cartridge

Ink Jet Printer

The main consumables of ink jet printer are ink and ink cartridge. The hp 963 ink cartridge can store several kinds of ink of different colors. When one kind of ink is used up, you can replenish the ink directly to the cartridge. This will not cause other ink to be wasted. However, with the increase of the use time, the nozzle of the printer will also be aging, which will lead to the decline of the printing quality and the blockage of the nozzle, and even damage the printer. And some printer's nozzle and ink cartridge are integrated, when replacing the hp 728 ink cartridge, the nozzle will also be replaced. The advantage of this ink cartridge is that it can prevent the nozzle from being blocked and ensure the printing quality, but its price is higher. 


In these kinds of printer consumables, the price of ribbon is the lowest, but its printing effect is also the worst. Therefore, the ribbon can not be used to print color text and patterns. Although the laser printer has the highest printing accuracy, the price of its consumables is higher than that of other printers. In addition, laser printers are not as effective as ink jet printers in printing color words and patterns. Although the printing accuracy of ink jet printer is not as high as laser printer, it is still very high. In addition, the ink jet printer has the best color printing effect. But the durability of words and patterns printed by ink jet printers is not as good as that of laser printers. As time goes on, words and patterns printed by ink jet printers tend to fade more easily. 

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