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Can the Original Ink Cartridge Be Refilled?

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Nowadays, printers are very common in the workplace and at home. There are many types of printers. Commonly used printers include inkjet printers, digital printers, and laser printers.


A printer can usually be purchased for a few hundred yuan, but an ink cartridge can often only print a few hundred sheets. Changing an ink cartridge is also a big expense. If all new ink cartridges are used, the cost is too high, so adding ink to the ink cartridges can save a lot of cost. However, many problems are often encountered during the process of refilling the ink cartridges, such as the ink cartridges adding too much ink. In fact, the excessive amount of tank ink will not only cause ink leakage in the ink cartridge, but also the ink leaking from the ink cartridge may wet the internal components of the printer, which may cause the printer to short circuit or even damage the printer!


Nowadays, there are many types of ink cartridges on the market that are allowed to be refilled with other inks for continued use after using the original ink cartridges. The user can follow the operating instructions to bottle the ink from the original ink tank hole and vent hole of the ink cartridge, or drill a hole in the original ink cartridge. However, if you want to successfully tank ink, you must pay attention to the following operations.


74-2-laser printers

Can the original ink cartridge be refilled? The answer is yes.


It is important to make sure that the filled ink cartridge is intact. At present, the ink cartridges are rarely damaged in use on the market. However, when refilling the original ink cartridge with ink, the user must learn to check the integrity of the ink cartridge. The specific inspection method is as follows: when filling ink at the bottom, if there is great resistance or ink leakage, it means that the ink cartridge is likely to be damaged. It is recommended that you can not fill the damaged ink cartridge with ink.


Try to use high-quality original HP ink cartridge for filling. After the user purchases these fake inks, these inks not only do not work well, but they can also damage the inkjet printer. Therefore, when you are buying ink, if you really want to buy the original ink for the inkjet printer, I advise you to go to the repair center of the corresponding brand printer. If there is a problem, the repair center has a way to help you solve it.


Before refilling the ink, the original ink cartridge should be thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, the mixing of two different inks will cause a chemical reaction, which will cause malfunctions such as plugging. Many users often use the printer's own program to clean the ink cartridges. In fact, this operation is not only time-consuming, but also the cleaning is not clean enough.


The correct operation method is shown below. When adding ink for the first time, pull out the pistons of the three ink filling holes, find a syringe, and pour pure water into the ink cartridge. Try not to let the water overflow. Then grab the entire ink cartridge with your hands and make the ink filling hole upward. Shake gently a few times to fully dissolve the remaining ink in the added water. If excessive force is applied during shaking, the liquid inside may overflow. At this time, wipe it dry with a paper towel or cloth in time to prevent it from spreading into the circuit board and causing hardware failure. Then use a syringe to pump up the mixed liquid in the cartridge. Repeat this operation several times until you see that the color of the extracted liquid is very light, then use the printer's own program to clean the cartridge.

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